Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. The answer is: I’m not sure.  There’s no single “goal” for this website, instead, this is where I will aggregate everything that has to do with either technology or law.  

That could be software reviews, law firm news, interesting case law, tips and tricks, workflows, etc. If it pops into my head and I think it relates either to technology or the legal field (and I’m not too tired or lazy), this is where it will end up.

Maybe you’ll find something useful among the random data that will be spilled onto these pages.

I teach eDiscovery / Legal Technology at Pasadena City College and UCLA Extension (both in Southern California).

If you’re nearby, feel free to sign up for a class at those colleges. 

If you’re looking for more customized training for a specific subject, software, or legal technology process, drop me a note and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Yes, so long as 1) it’s not for commercial purposes and 2) you give credit where credit is due (i.e., don’t remove my name/stamps).

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a specific timeline for any of that.  

This website (and several others) are really just labors of interest.  When I have time (work is slow, a long weekend, or just can’t sleep) then I will work on my side projects.  It could be an update on an article, could be a new training video, could just be new processing template, who knows?

It all depends on time and motivation (as are most things in life).

I do, so just drop me a message via the contact page.  

Even if I can’t provide the answer you need, I’ve got a fairly extensive rolodex built from 20+ years in the legal technology field, so I should be able to at least point you to the right resource. 

As I’ve noted in previous questions, the frequency of updates and topic-focus of this website is completely up to the whims of my job and life.

But, if you have a topic you’d like to learn more about, go ahead and drop me a note.  Maybe it will pique my interest as well and I’ll dedicate some time and brain cells to it.